Latino Studies | Seminar: Gender & Migration from the Caribbean
L396 | 0200 | Johanna Moya-Fabregas

This course will examine the immigration of Caribbean ethnic
communities to the United States, as well as to other Caribbean
islands with the objective to study how gender relations and
identities develop in a transnational context.  The course will be
divided into three main areas of inquiry. First, as an introduction
to gender relations in the Caribbean, we will situate the
development of Caribbean national gender notions within a colonial
context of patriarchal relations.  Second, we will examine how the
massive incorporation of women into the labor force during the first
half of the twentieth century affected ideas of family, femininity,
masculinity, and gender responsibilities.  Finally we will delve
into the immigration experience of Cubans, Dominicans, Puerto
Ricans, West Indians, and Haitians within the Caribbean, to the
United States, and from the United States to their islands of
origin.   A close look at the socio-economic context of these
experiences will help us understand the amalgam of elements that
inform the formation of transnational masculinities and