Labor Studies | Women and Work in Developing Countries
L290 | 11871 | Dietz, Shanna

LSTU-L 290  Women & Work In Developing Countries 1 cr hr; Class
Number 11871; 5:45am-8:25 PM, Wednesday, PY109. Class meets March
28, April 4, 11, 18 and 25.  The process of globalization is
transforming the conditions of women's lives internationally,
affecting gender ideology and economic inequalities in complex
ways.  In this one credit class, we will explore women=s work both
in the formal and informal sectors, examining the content and
location of women=s work, wage inequalities, and occupational
segregation throughout the world.  Drawing upon multiple
international contexts, we will analyze how local culture and
politics situate women differently.  Finally, we will discuss
grassroots resistance strategies and collective organizing in
response to these forces. Instructor:  Shanna Dietz, Political
Science, IUB.