Latin American Studies | Yucatec Maya I
L426 | 14976 | Castaneda

1st 8 Weeks Course

Meets MW  2:30-3:45pm

Yucatec Maya is a Mayan language spoken by 750,000-1 million people
in Mexico, Belize, Guatemala and the United States. Knowledge of
Yucatec can be extremely useful for students who in a diverse number
of fields, ranging from comparative religion and anthropology to
Latin American/Caribbean history and political science. Students who
plan to specialize in linguistics, Spanish literature, and Latino
Studies will also want to take advantage of this opportunity.

The course provides essential information in three component areas:

1. Linguistics and Culture;
2. Speaking and Conversation; and
3. Grammar and Lexicon.

Course content includes information, exercises and materials in one
or more of these areas. The core of the course is comprised of
speaking and conversation exercises. Initially, the course provides
basic information in the linguistics and cultural studies of the
Maya focusing on the Maya of Yucatán (versus of Guatemala, Chiapas,
Honduras, Florida, Vancouver, etc.). While background understanding
of Maya linguistics is given initial emphasis, the presentation of
contemporary cultural materials is provided throughout the course.
We will for example see select ethnographic, archaeological and
educational films on the Maya. The grammar and lexicon component is
given little emphasis in the first several weeks of the course;
however as the course progresses we learn more and more of the
essential grammatical aspects of the language.

Students will be responsible for learning a designated amount of
vocabulary on a weekly basis. Students will use the book: Spoken
Yucatec Maya Language, Volume I (Lessons 1-6). Additional materials
are provided in hardcopy or electronic format for purchase by the
students. This book comes with digital recordings that each student
will purchase and use on their own. Exams consist of written and
oral quizzes.

Meets with L526