Latin American Studies | The Politics of Knowledge and Space in
L526 | 11882 | Mejias-Lopez

W  4-6:30pm    BH336

Local/ Global:  The Politics of Knowledge and Space in
Contemporary Latin American Literature and Culture.

This course will explore the intersection of power, knowledge,
space, and representation in two distant but related moments:
1880’s-1920’s (modernismo, regionalismo, indigenismo) and 1980’s-
2000’s (testimonio, indigenous movements, and the “generación de
McOndo” or “post-post-boom”).  Some of the topics that will be
discussed are:  culture, literature, and (neo)liberalism; local,
national, and transnational identities; travel and migrations; urban
space and ecology.

The course will be conducted in Spanish. Assignments will include a
presentation and a final paper.  Materials may include fiction,
crónicas, travel narratives, testimonios, and comunicados (Martí,
Darío, Arguedas, Rivera, Burgos&Menchú, Fuguet & Gómez,
Subcomandante Marcos), photography (Chambí, Modotti), film (Amores
Perros, Bolivia, María Full of Grace, Incidents of Travel in Chichén
Itza, A Couple in a Cage), and theory (Foucault, De Certeau,
Clifford, Rama, Sarlo, García Canclini).