Philosophy | Introduction to Ethics
P140 | 13475 | Talcott

What should I do? What's the right thing to do? What's the right way
to live? Ethics is a branch of philosophy which asks fundamental
questions about what is right and wrong and what it is to live
well . In this course, we will study competing views about what it
is to live a good life. Our goal will be to not only examine several
different views (which we will do), but to attempt to determine the
truth of the matter through reasoned argument. Surprisingly (or,
perhaps, unsurprisingly) many of the best answers to these questions
come from the ancient writers of Greece and Rome. Hence, the first
part of this course will be a survey of major ancient ethical
schools. In the second part of the course we will examine several
contemporary theories. Finally, we will look at how these theories
handle several of the contentious ethical issues of our day.