Philosophy | Logic and Philosophy
P352 | 16448 | McCarty

Course Description: The course will be devoted to a thorough
exploration of some nonclassical logics, with emphasis on
intuitionistic or constructive logic and modal logics, in their
propositional and in their predicate versions. We will study these
logical systems both proof-theoretically and semantically. In
addition to soundness and completeness theorems, other standard
results will be explained and proved, including Goedel's theorems on
negative and modal translations.

Coursework: Student grades will be determined on the basis of
weekly, graded exercises; two sit-down, in-class midterm exams; and
a sit-down, in-class final exam.

Readings and Textbooks: A coursepack will be available from the
bookstores. From time to time, readings may be put on electronic

Prerequisites: It is recommended that students have done well in
P250 or an equivalent course.