Political Science | American Poltiical Controversies
Y100 | 13633 | Koloen

Meets first 10 weeks only.

This course will deal primarily with contemporary controversial
political issues.  Some of the questions we will contemplate
include: Is capital punishment justified?  Do we need tougher gun
control laws?  Does affirmative action advance racial equality?
Should there be a Constitutional amendment banning gay marriage?
Should abortion be restricted?
It is important to note that there is no inherently correct answer
to these questions; that is what makes them controversial.  In
recognizing that each opinion is valuable, we will be better
equipped to formulate our own convincing arguments on the subject.
In class, we will examine these issues not only from the vantage
point of today, but also in a historical, sociological and legal
context.  In addition, we will examine some of these controversial
issues via the Hollywood lens in an effort to see how they are
portrayed by popular media.