Political Science | International Pol Controversies
Y102 | 13634 | Hulsey

Meets first 10 weeks only.

This course introduces students to some of the most important issues
facing the world today including globalization, AIDS, genocide, the
stabilization of Iraq, the spread of global terrorism and oil
dependence.  We will ask questions such as: How severe is the spread
of AIDS and what can be done to stop it?  What effect does oil
dependence have on both oil importers and oil exporters?  What are
the challenges facing the United States’ effort to promote a stable
democratic Iraq?  What are the implications of the lessons learned
in Iraq for the promotion of democracy in other Islamic countries?
This course is designed to provide students with the opportunity to
investigate responses to questions that are crucial to understanding
the role of the United States in the world as well as develop
sophisticated opinions on those issues.  The course grade will be
based on a series of short writing assignments, attendance, and two