Political Science | Muslims in the West
Y200 | 13644 | Tatari

Second 8 weeks

This course will explore characteristics of Muslim populations and
their role in politics in the US and West European countries. We
will begin by covering basic tenets of Islam as it pertains to
social and political life of Muslim minorities, followed by a close
examination of Muslims in the US, Britain, France, Germany and
Spain. Some of the topics we will cover are: history of African
American Muslims in the US, history of Muslims in West Europe,
church-state relations, accommodation of religious practices,
religious and ethnic minority politics, political representation of
Muslims, multiculturalism, impact of international conflicts on the
relation between Muslim minorities and the respective states, and
issues of civil rights and liberties after 9/11. We will also watch
several movies and documentaries about Muslims in the West to have a
better understanding of the social and political dynamics of complex