Political Science | Liberty and Its Enemies
Y200 | 17713 | Furniss

	In this course we will explore the trade-offs between the
value of individual liberty and the presumed requirements for
enjoying the benefits of living in a decent society and a democratic
political order. What are our responsibilities to our families, to
our society, to our country? What restrictions on our liberties
might be warranted in the name of  family cohesion, social harmony,
or national security? On the other side, what are the dangers that
social, economic, or political forces might overwhelm our personal

	There will be two specific assignments. The first will be to
take three examinations. These examinations are not cumulative. The
second consists of a series (from twelve to sixteen) of in-class
assignments. You are to write your reaction to a number of issues
identified in the Class Schedule and then to participate in
discussions on how one might resolve them. Your notes will be handed
in after class.

	I would be pleased to discuss readings and other aspects of
the course.