Political Science | Political Simulations: Model UN
Y351 | 13651 | Spechler

This course will give you an opportunity to participate in, or
organize and conduct, a simulation of the United Nations. Students
who are planning to participate in a model UN will research and
write four or five short papers, approximately 5-7 pages each. One
paper will deal with the development, activities, authority and
impact of the UN. The other papers will focus on the country the
student is likely to represent in the model UN. They will analyze
that country’s major foreign policy concerns, its principal economic
and social problems and the chief regional or international issues
that affect it. Students will also be asked to prepare two
resolutions which their country might wish to submit for
consideration by the UN General Assembly and to prepare written
comments on the resolution submitted by other participants in the
simulation. There will be no examinations.

Students who are interested in the use of simulations as an
educational tool will have a different set of assignments. They will
work with the instructor to plan, prepare, conduct and evaluate a UN
simulation that serves as a central pedagogical device in a course
on international relations.

All students interested in taking this course should obtain an
application form from the Political Science Department and contact
the instructor as soon as possible in the Fall semester. Enrollment
will be by permission of the instructor only. The course may be
taken for one, two or three credits and may be repeated for a
maximum of three credits.