Political Science | Models and Theories of Political Decision Making
Y405 | 25762 | Razo

Politics is driven by the decisions of individuals and groups in
society. The types of decisions that are made in any society range
from individual choices such as deciding whom to support in a given
election, to the collective choice of public policies made by a
group of public officials.

This course introduces students to basic tools and models of
rational choice and game theory to understand political decision
making. We start with a basic theory of how individuals make their
own decisions. We will also explore the consequences of strategic
behavior that arises when individuals interact or compete with other
political actors. To that effect, we build upon the basic theory of
individual choice to examine the complexities that arise when groups
of people come together to make a decision. To understand group
decision making, we will study how institutions, or the political
context in which group decisions are made, affect group choices.