Political Science | Global Politics of Christian Evangelism
Y490 | 25766 | McGinnis

The spread of the Christian religion throughout the world generates
an unending supply of confrontations with political authorities.
Some missionaries have been expelled or punished for illegal forms
of proselytism and some locally vibrant churches suffer from
government repression. Other controversies are more legal in
character, involving restrictions on the activities of particular
religious organizations. In addition, religious leaders play
essential roles in global campaigns for peace, social justice, and
human rights. In this seminar we situate these controversies within
the context of theories of religious change, conflict, and global
This seminar satisfies the intensive writing requirement for
political science majors. Students will complete a series of related
assignments focused on a current or recent controversy involving
public officials (outside the U.S.) and a Christian faith-based
organization (or coalition of related organizations). Each student
will prepare papers that accurately summarize the basic details of
the controversy, sympathetically articulate the points of view of
actors on all sides, and justify his/her overall evaluation of this
issue and its potential for escalation or emulation.
Required readings include Hertzke, Freeing Godís Children: The
Unlikely Alliance for Global Human Rights, and Brouwer, Gifford, and
Rose, Exporting the American Gospel: Global Christian
Fundamentalism, as well as articles available in electronic format.
Grades will also be affected by in-class exercises and quizzes.
Regular attendance and full participation in class discussions are
essential for this seminar.