Political Science | Public Law and Policy
Y665 | 27505 | Sissenich

Note:  This course meets with Y657 and W605

Topic:  Regulatory Policy in the European Union

This course is a survey of regulation by governments. Our empirical
and theoretical focus will be the European Union, but we will draw
on examples from other advanced industrialized countries as well. We
will look at the history of regulation and compare economic, legal,
and political perspectives. Further, we will explore the dynamics
underlying the delegation of policy making authority to the European
level. Empirical policy areas to be covered will include
competition, monetary policy, industrial policy, trade, environment
and agriculture. Conceptual issues included in the course are agenda
setting, policy formation, bureaucracy, compliance/implementation,
and interest representation. The course is geared toward PhD
students in comparative politics and public policy as well as those
with an interest in political economy and/or European integration.
MA students from area studies programs are invited to contact the
instructor about enrolling in the course. Prior knowledge of
European Union politics is helpful but not required. Course
requirements consist of a number of review papers, discussion
leadership and participation, and a research paper.