Psychology and Brain Sciences | Behavioral Neuroscience
P326 | 13729 | J. Farley

Recommended Courses: Biology L100 or L112, or equivalent.
Course Description: This course explores the biological and cellular
bases of our experience and behavior. Many scientific disciplines
contribute to this theme, so we will draw upon the research of
psychologists, anatomists, biochemists, endocrinologists, engineers,
geneticists, immunologists, neurologists, physiologists, and
zoologists. To obtain an integrative view of the relationships between
the body, brain, and mind we will combine the findings and insights
from the above disciplines, and of necessity try to rise above the
limits of any particular specialty. This course is organized into five
units, each focusing on a major area of contemporary neuroscience.
These units are: 1) Neural Signaling: Basic Neuroanatomy and
Principles of Communication and Information Processing, 2) Sensation
and Sensory Processing, 3) Movement and Its Central Control, 4) The
Changing Brain, 5) Complex Brain Functions: The Neural Bases of
Cognition, Language, Emotions, Sex & Sexuality, Learning and Memory.
Grading: You will be responsible for the material presented in both
the textbook and lectures. Grading will be based on the results of
four, non-cumulative exams scheduled at regular intervals over the
course of the semester (see lecture schedule). Each exam is worth 100
points. Exam formats will consist of multiple choice, short answers,
identification, fill-ins, diagrams, matching, and essays. In addition,
presentations on special topics of interest by student research teams
are required. See separate handout. the presentation will be worth 100
points. Questions concerning grades and course standing should be
directed to Dr. Farley.
Make-Up Exams: Make-up exams must be arranged with the instructor in
advance. In the event of an illness or dire family emergency, make-up
exams will be administered only if a medical excuse, or note from the
Dean of Students' office, is provided.
Text: Neuroscience by Dale Purves, George Augustine, David
Fitzpatrick, Lawrence Katz, Anthony-Samuel LaMantia, James McNamara &
S. Mark Williams (editors). 2001. Sinauer Associates. ISBN #
Neuroanatomy CD-ROM: Sylvius, 2.0, Fundamentals of Human Neural
Structure. S. Mark Williams. Sinauer Associates (Bundled with Text)