Religious Studies | Colloquium in Ancient Religions: Ancient Eschatologies
R633 | 25973 | Harrill, J.

Cross-listed as Advanced Study in Ancient Religions (R733, use of
primary source languages).  Eschatology is literally the "study of
(or doctrine of) the end times."  This course explores the various
ways authors in the ancient Mediterranean world described notions of
what will happen at the "end"––either of a person's life or, more
commonly, at the end of the world.  Topics include: death and the
afterlife, cosmology, early Judaism and Christian apocalypticism
(esp. Book of Revelation), Stoic conflagration theory, the Epicurean
response, and Roman political eschatology at the end of Republic and
beginning of the Empire.  We will read, for example, Lucan's Civil
War (Pharsalia) and Lucretius' On the Nature of the Universe