Religious Studies | Social Ethics: The Ethics of Giving: Matters of Love, Questions of Justice
R770 | 26224 | Bangert, B.

This seminar will focus on the ethics of philanthropy by exploring
the nature of the gift and the act of giving in terms of the moral
categories of love and justice.  Specific issues to be covered
include concepts of love, justice, charity, and stewardship; the
idea of the gift, including gifts to both intimates and strangers;
philanthropy vis-a-vis professional duty and social obligation; and
paternalism, civic engagement, and democratic process.  The approach
will be interdisciplinary,  drawing on anthropology, philosophy,
religious and  theological studies, sociology, history, medical
ethics, and critical approaches to philanthropy.  A recurrent theme
will be an attempt to specify the appropriate role for religious
concepts, motives, and institutions in 21st century philanthropy.
Another recurrent theme will be that of the distinction between
private philanthropy and public benefit, and the appropriate role of
professional, civic, and governmental bodies in defining,
encouraging, and directing philanthropic giving.  The general topic
is doing good.  Why do good?  What is the relation between being
good and doing good?  To whom should one do good?  How best is one
to do good?