Slavic Languages and Literatures | 20th Cent Russian Lit II
R508 | ALL | Beaver

This course will focus on Russian literature from the Thaw to
perestroika and post-Soviet literature. Novelists to be discussed
will range from Pasternak to Pelevin. Works of short fiction will
include prose by Aksenov, Voinovich, Tolstaia and Petrushevskaia. A
wide sampling of the poetry of the period will include works by
Slutsky, Okudzhava, Kushner, Akhmadulina, Brodsky, Prigov and
Krivulin. A selection of secondary literature will accompany the
readings. All primary texts should be read in Russian if possible.

Though each work will be treated on its own aesthetic terms, the
course aims to give a historical overview of Russian literature in
its cultural, social and political context. This will mean primarily
an orientation toward the Soviet system, but this context also
includes a pronounced concern with the aesthetic and literary
tradition per se. As a way to examine both the socio-political and
the more strictly literary concerns of the literature of the period,
we will focus special attention on the relationship of the author to
the hero.