Slavic Languages and Literatures | Meth of Russ Lang Instruction
R592 | ALL | Holdeman

Methods of Russian Language Instruction (3 cr.) Methods of teaching
Russian. The course will deal with all methods currently in use in
foreign language pedagogy with emphasis on proficiency oriented
teaching as applied to Russian. Review of Russian textbooks and video
materials. Design and preparation of syllabi and development of lesson
plans. Required for Slavics AIs.

Required of associate instructors prior to (or in) their first year of
language teaching. An overview of teaching methodologies, their
underlying theories, and how these are translated into practical
classroom applications for college-level Slavic language courses.  The
goal of the course is to provide an informed theoretical framework for
teaching which will lead to improved classroom practice.  While theory
and practice do not always match neatly, familiarity with the theory
can help explain both problems and what appears to be serendipity.