Telecommunications | Living in the Information Age
T101 | 14220-14226 | Krieger, M.

T101 Living in the Information Age
RTV251 T/R 2:30-3:45pm

Living in the Information Age is a required course for new
Telecommunications majors and satisfies a course requirement for
minors. Over the last several years T101 has enrolled students from
all over the campus, including prospective majors, minors, and
beyond, and has become an informal ‘gateway’ course enrolling large
numbers of undergraduates. During the semester we will trace the
development, examine the content, and explore the impact of new
media on industry and society, reviewing both conceptual and
practical aspects of our changing information society through the
lens of the myths and diverse realities of living with a rapidly
changing, technologically-driven world. This course helps students
to understand the complexity and anxiety involved in living in an
information age, offering perspectives from deeply troubled
observations about the increasingly isolated and disengaged nature
of contemporary life to utopian daydreaming about the coolness of
massive multiplayer gaming environments. After T101 you will be able
to take up an autonomous yet deeply informed position in this
debate – which will influence you for the rest of your career.

T101 is taught both as large-scale lectures and in small-scale
intensive discussion sections. Grading is based on written exams,
participation in discussions, individual assignments and group
presentations. The required class readings will be in the form of a
book and selected texts which will be made available (for free)
through Oncourse.

This course counts toward Social and Historical Studies distribution
requirements in the College of Arts and Sciences. It may, or may
not, also count toward other degree requirements. For more
information about which requirements this course could fulfill see
the College of Arts and Sciences Bulletin at If you have
questions, or need additional help, see your academic advisor.