Telecommunications | Intro to Telecommunications Industry & Management
T207 | 16566 | Affe, R.

Semester:  Spring 2007  (2nd 8-week session)

Course Code:  TEL - T207

Class Number:  16566

Instructor:  Robert B. Affe

Title:  Introduction to Telecommunications Industry and Management

Course Prerequisites:  None

Course Objectives:  Introduction to Telecom’s major industries
(broadcast television and radio, cable, satellite, internet), their
structure, operations, and management techniques.
Program content, revenue generation, and government regulation are
the focus of the course.

Course Format:  Mostly lecture, with ample time for Q & A.
Occasional videos.

Requirements Course Fulfills: This course counts toward Social and
Historical Studies distribution requirements in the College of Arts
and Sciences. It may, or may not, also count toward other degree
requirements. For more information about which requirements this
course could fulfill see the College of Arts and Sciences Bulletin
at If you have
questions, or need additional help, see your academic advisor.

Meeting Times:  M,T,W,R  9.30 – 10.45