Telecommunications | Promotion and Marketing in Telecommunications
T347 | 14295 | Meyer, P.

This course will give the student an understanding and appreciation
for marketing in telecommunications, including television, radio and
the Internet. The class will touch on traditional marketing concepts
(terms such as branding, reach, frequency, consumer research), and
emerging new technologies, tactics and techniques.

Since marketing is an evolving discipline, emphasis will be placed
on current strategies and techniques employed throughout all media,
with a concentration on television. Marketing is also a
collaborative process, so class participation and a cooperative
project will be part of your grade.

Course Objectives:
* To understand the purpose of marketing in electronic media;
* To conceive, execute and evaluate marketing strategies and tactics;
* To acquire knowledge of disciplines within marketing departments;
* To increase awareness of marketing efforts of the media.

Course Philosophy:
“Marketing means solving customers’ problems profitably.” -- Randall
Chapman, PhD (
* Marketing is cumulative. Your grade will be too. Rather than
taking points off for mistakes, you will accumulate points for
everything you do – attendance, class exercises, assignments and
* Marketing is a dialogue. This class will be too.
* Marketing is not about one-size-fits-all solutions. We will look
at how you know when to break with convention.
* Marketing is about prioritizing and deciding what is the best
solution for you. You will be forced to deal with the reality of
small budgets, limited time and compromising the quality of your
* Marketing is about responding to what is happening in the
marketplace. We will be observing what is currently happening in
electronic media and analyzing the thinking behind those choices.

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