Telecommunications | Video Field & Post Production
T351 | 14296-14297 | Krause, J.

T351 Video Field and Post Production
Prerequisites: T206 and T283

T351 teaches the technical skills and creative principles required
for video field and post production. Topics include video recording
technology, composition, lighting, continuity, sound, and editing.
Experience planning, shooting and editing video projects will be
provided through hands-on exercises, projects and assignments.
Lectures will be spent reviewing new material, assigned readings,
assignments and class projects. Labs will focus on hands-on
production activities.

Course Requirements & Grading: Your grade will be based on your
understanding of class material and your competence with skills
demonstrated in lab. There are hands-on graded lab activities,
exercises, production assignments, critiques, exams, and a final
project, which altogether total 500 points. Some production
assignments require an accompanying critique form which can be
downloaded from the class website

Grading Criteria - 500 total points

5             Expectations Exercise
15            Field Shoot Acquisition Exercise & shot log/critique
30            Storyboard & Action Sequence & critique
15            Avid tutorial (or alternate exercise) & critique
10            Photoshop Graphic
20            Audio/News Lighting Exercise
60            Midterm Exam
20            Lighting Exercise
50            Interview / Feature Story & critique
50            Art Video & critique - Point breakdown:
55            Drama / Storytelling Exercise
10            Internet Resource Exercise
10            Multimedia Movie
65            Final Project
70            Final Exam
15            Participation
500           Total Points

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