Telecommunications | TV Studio Production
T354 | 14300 | Krause, J.

T356 TV Studio Production
Prerequisites: T206 and T283

T356 is a hands-on production course focusing on television studio
operations and production. Students will become proficient operating
the cameras, audio board, lighting equipment, video switcher,
character generator and other studio equipment. Students will write
scripts, interpret & block scenes and direct individual and team
projects. Lectures will be spent reviewing new material, assigned
readings, assignments and class projects. Labs will focus on hands-
on production activities.

Course Requirements & Grading: Your grade will be based on your
understanding of class material and your competence with skills
demonstrated in lab. There are hands-on graded lab activities,
exercises, production assignments, critiques, exams, and a final
project, which altogether total 500 points. Some production
assignments require an accompanying critique form which can be
downloaded from the class website

5    Pretest/Bios

10   Studio 5 Camera Challenge (Rotation exercise).

15   Critical viewing exercise

15   Studio 5 Directing Challenge (Direct an unscripted interview)

10   Cable winding, lighting & graphic practicum

15   Audio Challenge (Rotation exercise) - Mix talent, music & SFX.

15   Set & Lighting Exercise  Design & place lighting for a talk
show. (Small group exercise)

10   TV Graphics (Create promo and title graphic, then import into
the WriteDeko)

35   News/feature story (group rotation exercise).

40   PSA  Students will work with a partner and write & produce an
actual PSA for a real-world client.

40   Demonstration Video  Working in small groups, students produce
a demonstration video.

45   Dramatic scene (Small group production)

30   Remote / Site Survey / Budgeting Exercise (Plan & budget a TV

100  Quizzes 1-5 (20 points each)

50   Final Exam

45   Final Project (group project)

20   In-class participation & attitude

500  Total Points

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