Telecommunications | Global Media Issues
T413 | 25945 | Deuze, M.

Telecommunications ,  Global Media Issues
T413 ,  Deuze, M.

Spring 2007

When we think or talk about media, we always have to consider that
media are global: in their reach, in their ownership structure, as
well as in their organization of work. Other industries take their
cues from media companies to change their way of managing
productivity to create the ideal worker of the future: independent,
creative, flexible, and passionate.

In this context new media technologies enter the market that make it
increasingly easy for people to create, edit and distribute their
own media, posing significant challenges to media companies as well
as media professionals.

In T413 we will explore the working lives of media professionals in
different countries in fields as varied as advertising/marketing/PR,
journalism, film and television, and the game industries. What makes
these people special, how are they dealing with the current social,
cultural and technological trends in their work, and what makes them
succeed or fail in today's global media marketplace?

This course counts toward Social and Historical Studies distribution
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