Telecommunications | Advanced Advertising Strategies
T441 | 14309 | Gantz, W.

Telecommunications ,  Advanced Advertising Strategies
T441 ,  14309 ,  Gantz, W.

This course is designed to provide a detailed examination of the
development, execution, and assessment of advertising campaigns on
the electronic and print media.  It is designed to offer insights
into the process as well as offer an opportunity to integrate the
principles acquired.

This course is geared to students who already have been introduced
to the theories, principles, and procedures associated with
advertising, primarily in the United States.  It expands on
principles introduced in T340: Electronic Media Advertising, a
prerequisite for this course for TC majors.  Course content will
cover the planning, placement, creative, and evaluation elements in
advertising campaigns.  These elements will be examined from the
perspectives of the major players in the game: advertisers, ad
agencies, and commercial media outlets, including the internet.  In
addition to offering insights into contemporary theories and
practices associated with advertising strategies, T441 offers the
opportunity to apply what students have been learning: Students will
be responsible for designing and justifying an entire integrated
advertising/communications campaign.

In addition to texts and assigned readings (on e-reserve), students
also are required to look at each issue of Advertising Age for
information relevant to the material covered in the course.

T441 will utilize a variety of evaluation techniques: exams, written
homework assignments, a group project (to be written as well as
presented in class) and general class participation.  There will be
three exams, each covering the material presented in class, the
readings, and the homework assignments.

There will be four individual, graded assignments.  These require
conceptual and/or practical applications of course materials.  The
first assignment involves developing a situation analysis for a
product.  The second calls on students to define target markets and
media for a product using a valued marketing database.  The third
assignment involves the selection and placement of emphasis on
appropriate media for a particular product.  This necessitates
understanding the strengths and limitations of various media as
applied to the specifics of the product being considered.  The final
assignment deals with media planning.  Here, students will be asked
to developed and defend a media plan, one that includes the
selection, scheduling, and weighting of media classes.  Different
products, services, or issues will be used with each assignment.

In addition to these graded assignments, there are likely to be
several individual, ungraded assignments which everyone is expected
to complete.

The final assignment will be a group project.  Here, generally in
groups of six people, students will develop and present a plan for
an entire advertising campaign.  Group assignments will be on a
random basis.  This project is the culmination of the content and
skills acquired in both T340 and this course.  Ample justification
and documentation for each decision is expected.  Formal
presentations–which count in the industry–also will be evaluated.
The product and parameters will be the same across groups.  This
will permit the class to evaluate alternative approaches to the same
product and advertising problem. In order to maximize fairness
across groups, groups will present their proposals on the same day
Each group will be present during that entire period.  Each student
is required to attend as well as to present with their group.

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