Telecommunications | Advanced 3D Digital Modeling & Animation
T464 | 16576 | Gillespie, T.

T 464 Advanced 3D Modeling and Computer Animation

This is an advanced class in 3D modeling and computer animation. The
class is designed for 3D modelers and animators with significant
skills and experience in 3D modeling and animation.


All work graded as acceptable (C), good (B) or excellent (A) except
for quizzes. Acceptable meets minimum requirements of assignment,
good is more than required, excellent is the best work in the class.

Work is due when assigned.

Individual storyboards 10%
Group storyboards 10%
Professional paper story boards and working notes for Final project.
These story boards will be judged on quality of thoughtfulness and
attention to detail: story, art, sound and interaction if part of
the project. 20% Final design project presented to the class in
person 20% Submitted to a festival outside of Indiana 10% Individual
participation 10% Team participation 10% Individual paper report of
what you individualy did, what worked, what didnŐt work and what you
would have done differently. 10%

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