Telecommunications | New Media Certificate Project
T495 | 14313 | McGregor, M.

TEL-T 495 New Media Certificate Project
Class number 14313
Michael McGregor

This project is the capstone experience in the Certificate in New
Media and Interactive Storytelling offered by the Department of
Telecommunications.  The certificate, not available to students
completing a regular major in Telecommunications, requires a
total of 27 credit hours.  It is described at pp. 322-323 of the
2006-2008 College of Arts and Sciences Bulletin.  Forms for applying
for the Certificate must be obtained from one of the Departmentís
undergraduate advisors [Lynda Haywood-Smith (
or Jeanne Myers (] and are available from them
in R-TV 240.  There are also forms to complete specifically for T495
requiring approval of the supervisor of the project and the Director
of Undergraduate Studies.  This paperwork must be completed before
you will be electronically authorized to register for TEL-T 495.