West European Studies | Special Topics in West European Studies: German Cultural History
W406 | 26324 | Mills, A

9:05A-9:55A   MTWR   3 cr.
Section meets second eight weeks only
Obtain on-line authorization from department
Section meets with GER-G364

Topic:: Honor and Violence in Austro-German Culture of the long 19th

What influenced men to stand a proscribed distance from one another
and carefully shoot at each other with pistols? What inspired young
university students to slice open each other’s faces in ritualistic
sword bouts? What drove women and men of sound mind and body to
suicide? The answer lies somewhere in a phenomenon scholars have
termed ‘honor codes’, ‘the code of masculine honor’, or the
Satisfaktionsgesellschaft—a society in which honor obliges certain
individuals to behave in a particular manner. But what precisely is
honor codex, and what influence did honor enjoy over members of
society? What is the link between this honor and deadly or injurious
violence? Who was excluded from having honor, and why?

We will address these questions and many others as we make our way
through an exploratory study of Austro-German culture and literature
which stretches from the early 19th century to the First World War.
This course examines novels, short stories, and dramas, while
analyzing historical artifacts such as postcards, letters, and
photographs. An array of secondary literature on dueling and violence
will be consulted, as will the biographies of prominent German
intellectuals who found themselves entangled in honor violence.

Requirements for this course include regular attendance, completion
reading assignments, and active participation in classroom
Final grades will be determined also by an in-class midterm, a final
exam, and two short papers/take-home exams.

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