West European Studies | Model European Union
W504 | 14435 | Schwennicke, A

10:10A-11:00A   MWF   3 cr.
Obtain on-line authorization from department
Section meets with POLS-Y351 and WEUR-W304

This course has two objectives. First, it will provide a general
introduction to the European Union, its history, institutions,
actors, decision-making process and some of its important issue
areas. Second, you will apply your knowledge in simulations of the
decision-making processes within the EU. You will assume the roles
of member state representatives, EU elected officials and
bureaucrats, private interests and various other relevant actors.
These simulations will prepare you to take part in the Midwest Model
of the European Union at the Indiana University Purdue University
campus in late April. Over ten Model EU delegations, from colleges
and universities across the Midwest, will participate in this
conference. Participants will engage in plenary debates, conduct
informal negotiations and exchange ideas over formal and semi-formal
lunches and dinners. This conference offers an interactive
opportunity to apply what you have learned, develop a better
understanding of the EU and have fun.