Afro-American and African Diaspora Studies | RAP MUSIC
A489 | 25683 | Orejuela,Fernando Alfonso

This seminar course will ask questions about the role of hip hop
culture in contemporary American society. We will also explore
recent debates about mainstreaming an African American musical art
form, the role and responsibility of the artist, as well as the
concept of tradition, creativity and the emerging scholarship on hip
hop. Unlike the survey course, which takes a more historical
approach to the study of hip hop, we will examine hip hop as a
cultural movement with complex cultural, social and political ties
to the past, present, and future of African America and the African
Diaspora. We will address issues in hip hop as opposed to a
chronology and delve into the theoretical notions and application
of “performance.” Classes designated for automatic IW credit must be
limited to no more than 25 students.