Anthropology | Chanting Down Babylon
A200 | 25812 | Sterling

"Chanting Down Babylon" explores Afro-Caribbean popular culture as a
mode of political resistance, such as against colonialism and its
legacies, local political machination, and the forces of global
economic power.  Course goals include (1) providing a broad
historical, political, economic and cultural context for exploring
contemporary Caribbean society.  With this context, the course (2)
investigates religious, musical and other forms of popular cultural
production according to four key themes:  “‘Dictating’ Culture and
Resistance”; “Spatializing Resistance”; “Language as Resistance”; and
“Color, Power and Cultural Borders”.  The course finally considers (3)
the ways in which the cultural politics discussed in previous sections
play themselves out across global sites to which Afro-Caribbean
peoples have immigrated.  While “popular culture” is primarily
understood in the course on a local, grassroots level, mass-media
production (fiction, non-fiction, film) made in and outside the region
will also be analyzed.