Anthropology | The Anthropology of Race
E600 | 12329 | Sterling

This course explores the idea of race in cultural anthropological
thought, with focus on three main themes.  First, the course explores
the history of this idea within anthropology, and in relation to such
disciplines as biology, sociology and philosophy.  It secondly
explores the global dissemination of the idea of race and the social
realities that have come to be constructed around it; this phase of
the course incorporates historical and anthropological writing on
Africa, Europe, Asia, the Caribbean and South America.  The third
concern is with exploring the uneasy play between the “demise” of race
as an intellectual paradigm in contemporary anthropology and its
resilient but shifting status as “fact” in society at large. The
course is focused here on the United States, incorporating a range of
social issues and interdisciplinary readings that inform, or
potentially inform the anthropology of race today.  In addition to
anthropology, these readings will be largely drawn from sociology and
cultural studies; the issues include the question of racial
representation on college campuses, (re-) imaginations of racial,
religious and national others in the wake of  9/11, and the
production, commodification and global traffic of racial symbolizations.