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ASCS Q275: Building Your Professional Portfolio
ASCS Q275 is a 1 credit hour, 8 week class that teaches students how
to create a professional portfolio and use it as a tool to market
their skills and experiences in the world of work or graduate studies.
	Students learn to create their own unique professional portfolio, an
educational tool used for reflection and the practical pursuit of
graduate studies and/or a career.
	Students incorporate their personal, academic, and extra curricular
experiences into a tangible record of their accomplishments to
communicate the value of their liberal arts education with outside
	This course is open to all sophomores, juniors, and seniors.
The portfolio is a powerful reflection tool and by the end of the
course students have a clearer understanding of what they do well,
which can impact future academic and career choices. An in-class
presentation of the portfolio helps students sharpen their
communication skills and articulate goals and skills in a professional