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Q294: Basic Career Development
ASCS Q294 is a course designed for freshmen and sophomores who are in
the process of choosing a major or exploring career fields. The course
covers the three components of good career decision-making:
	SELF-INFORMATION - involving the exploration of your interests,
values, and skills, and personality as they relate to careers and the
world of work.
	DECISION-MAKING PROCESS - involving a systematic approach to
deciding on a major and/or a career.
	RESEARCH - on various academic majors and career fields using campus
and community resources
This course is ideal for students who want to...
	Explore a variety of majors or career choices
	Gain a better understanding of their personality style, interests,
values, and skills in relation to a major/career choice
	Research more in-depth information about a particular career field
	Participate in a structured approach to basic career planning
At the end of this course, you'll have a clearer understanding of
career options and their relationship to your academic choices.

ASCS Q294 is a 2 credit hour course that meets for 8 weeks. Although
ASCS Q294 is offered through the College of Arts & Sciences, it is
open to any student.