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ASCS Q299: Job Search Strategies for Liberal Arts Students
ASCS Q299 is a 2 credit hour, 8-week course to teach you how to
conduct an effective job or internship search. Learn how to:
	Perfect a resume outlining your skills and qualifications
	Write an impressive cover letter
	Understand interviewing dynamics
	Network effectively
Through ASCS Q299 you will also be able to:
	Analyze how your skills, interests and values affect your career search
	Identify marketable skills developed from a liberal arts education
and learn how to convey the value of those skills to employers
	Locate resources that will assist you in finding a professional
	Prepare for a smooth transition from school to post-graduate endeavors
The mastery of these skills is critical regardless of your
post-graduate plans. ASCS Q299 is open to all IU students of
sophomore, junior, or senior status.