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Q398: Internship Theory into Practice
ASCS Q398 gives you an opportunity to earn credit for your internship
experience. You can receive up to three credit hours for an internship
experience, and no more than six credit hours for multiple
internships. Credit is determined by the number of hours you work in
your internship. If you work 50-99 hours during the semester, you earn
1 credit hour. If you work 100-149 hours during the semester, you earn
2 credit hours and 150 hours or more during the semester will give you
3 credit hours. Please note no hours will be counted until your
internship is approved by the ASCS Q398 instructor.

To apply for ASCS Q398, you must:
	Be an undergraduate student
	Have a GPA of 2.0 or above
	Have at least 24 credit hours
	Not be getting a degree in SPEA (SPEA has their own internship program)
	Have already completed your department/school's internship course
(if applicable)
To be considered for academic credit, students must submit the
required application, learning contract and job description PRIOR to
beginning the internship position. Spring semester deadline is
February 1. The application may be found at
The grades assigned to ASCS Q398 are either S (passing) or F (fail).
An S grade is not calculated into your GPA, but an F grade is
calculated into your GPA.