Biology | Topical Issues in Biology
L410 | 11843 | Bender, A

Note:  This course counts for credit separate from (and so in
addition to) that for the fall version of L410 (Preventions of

Course Format:  Discussion:  9:30-10:45A, TR.

Course Requirements:  BIOL L111 and L112.  Recommended: BIOL L211 or
S211; BIOL L311 or S311.

Course description:  TREATING CANCERS

	Scientists who conduct research that is geared toward
developing better treatments of cancers often confront a great deal
of uncertainty and complexity.  This course is meant to help you to
gain more appreciation of the efforts of such scientists, including
more appreciation of ideas that guide them, questions that they ask,
sorts of information that they seek, tools that they use to gain
such information, and obstacles that they face.  The more important
goals of this course, however, are to help you to 1) improve your
own abilities to seek out and confront uncertainty and complexity
(including seeking out interesting and challenging things to be
working to make sense of in the first place) and 2) generate,
refine, and communicate your own significant insights.

Required Text:  None.  Students will use other resources, such as
review and research articles.

Typical Weekly Assignments: Students will conduct independent
inquiry throughout the semester.  All of the homework assignments
will involve writing, and much class time will be devoted to small-
group discussions.

Exams/Papers:  There will be frequent writing assignments, but no
exams.  About 70% of the course grade will be based on homework
assignments, and the rest will be based on in-class work.