Biology | Microbial Physiology Laboratory
M360 | 5327 | 5327

Course format:  Laboratory (1:25P-5:00P, MW, JH A402) with
discussions at the beginning and/or end of labs (TBA in JH 248.)

Requirements: C341, L113, M250, M255 or consent of the instructor.

Course description:  This course will provide an overview of key
microbial genetic and biochemical concepts, which are used in
todayís academic and industrial research settings.  Students will
become familiar with several methods of gene expression and protein
purification, as well as mutagenesis and identification of mutants,
characterization of enzymatic activity, and the chemical basis for
microbial communication.

Required text:  Fundamental Lab Approaches for Biochemistry and
Biotechnology.  New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 1998.

Weekly assignments: TBA

Exams/papers: TBA