Biology | Viral-Tissue-Culture Lab
M435 | 5331-5332 | Mukhopadhyay, S

Course format: Laboratory class that meets twice a week from 125-
425. Coming into lab outside of class time is necessary.  You work
in groups of 2-3 in the class so coordinating experiments with other
is also required.

Course description: a introductiory class to tissue culture
techniques and virology experiments are covered.  During the first
half of the semester you learn different techniques.  The second
half of the semester you are given an unknown sample and you use the
techniques you learned during the first half to identify your
unknown virus sample.

Prerequisite:  You need to have taken or concurrently be taking
M430, Introduction to virology.

Required textbook: labs will be posted on oncourse.  no textbook is
required but you need to be able to print the labs.

Exams/Papers: in the past we have two two major exams, 10-15
homeworks/quizzes, and l2 ab notebook checks.  These will be
modified this semester but there will be homeworks, quizzes, exams,
and some write up for each completed lab.  one complete write up is
required for the unknown determination, or work covered during the
second half of the semester.  you are also graded on attendence and
participation.  Coming into lab outside lab hours is necessary.