Classical Studies | The Golden Age of Rome
C361 | 25142 | Davis, J

CLAS-C 361  The Golden Age of Rome
Section 25142 / Davis

This course covers the period of Roman culture that produced the
most renowned works of Latin literature, art, and architecture. We
will focus on the authors of the Augustan Age, such as Livy, Horace,
Vergil, Ovid, and Propertius, and how their texts relate to their
historical context. We will also pay extensive attention to the art
and architecture of the period, studying institutions such as the
Roman household, urban space, and religious activity. The
phrase "Golden Age" implies that this was the very height of Roman
culture. We will see how this era created that myth against a
background of Roman history and how this idea was received in later
Latin literature. (A&H)