Classical Studies | Ovidian Mythoology & Its Tradition
C416 | 25145 | Baline, B

CLAS-C 416  Ovidian Mythology & Its Tradition
Section 25145 / Balint

P: C205, L305, or instructor consent. In this course we will read
Ovidís Metamorphoses, and selections from the Heroides and the
amatory poetry, with an eye to their reception by Ovidís
contemporaries and later readers from antiquity until the present
day. How have poets, playwrights, composers, and visual artists
responded to Ovidís texts? How have their responses been conditioned
by their own cultural context? The IU Theatreís production of
Metamorphoses will be incorporated into the material for the course,
so attendance at one performance will be mandatory; group rate
tickets will be available. (A&H)