Classical Studies | Ancient Painting
C423 | 25146 | Leach, E

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II Semester 2008					BH 569

Beginning with early paintings of the stone age, this class will
survey highpoints in the history of ancient European painting in
connection with their physical and social contexts. Literary
evidence, when available, will be evaluated both as an informational
source, and for insights into ways in which contemporary viewers
responded to painting. Attention will be given to Minoan/Mycenean
palace painting; Hellenistic paintings in Macedonia; Etruscan and
Lucanian tomb painting; Greek vases from the archaic period to South
Italian; the public buildings and houses of the Roman world; Fayum
portraits in Egypt, Vergilian codex illustration, and the
intermingling of pagan and Christian in late antique art forms.

Undergraduate expectations:
3 papers 3-5 pp. (1 Greek ceramic; 1 Roman domestic painting: 1
topic of choice)
1 Final Exam
In addition to the papers above, graduate students both in Classical
Studies and in Fine Arts will also prepare a class report on an
interpretive article (as assigned); write a research/interpretive
paper on a topic of choice and (depending upon time and numbers)
present the material in a class report.


Required (all at FOA Bookshop):
J.J. Pollitt, The Art of Greece 1400-31 B.C. Sources and Documents
Nigel Spivey, Etruscan Art Thames and Hudson, 1997
M. Cipriani, et al, The Lucanians in Paestum, Paestum, 1996
Tom Rasmussen and Nigel Spivey, ed. Looking at Greek Vases,
Cambridge 1991
Course pack available at FOA Bookshop.