Classical Studies | Catallus
L304 | 25149 | Nagle, B

CLAS-L 304  Catallus
Section 25149 / Nagle

P: L250 or equivalent. We will be reading a sample of the poems of
the first century BC Roman poet Catullus. These concern his passions
both amatory and literary and were written in a context of changing
Roman social and literary values. Some of these personal poems are
addressed to fellow-poets of the “new” school (as Cicero dubbed
them) whose interest in Greek poetry of the Hellenistic period was
so influential on Latin poets of the Augustan and later periods.
Poems about and to both his lover “Lesbia” (probably the sister of
Cicero’s nemesis P. Clodius) and his rivals for her affection shaped
the genre of Roman love elegy. Both class discussion and written
assignments will focus on close examination of individual poems.