Classical Studies | Survey of Latin Literature II
L537 | 25153 | Leach, E

L537: Survey of Latin Literature II

	This course continues the reading program begun in L536. It
will begin where L536 broke off, with late Augustan literature
including Ovidís erotic poems and proceed through the Neronian and
Flavian periods. All major, and some minor authors will be
represented; Latin reading assignments will be modest, with
extensive readings in translation and in historical background. In
addition to tri-weekly papers, two short in-class reports will be
assigned. There will be no final examination but an additional
reading list in preparation for the PhD Exam in Latin Literature
will be distributed at the end of the semester.

Books: Select Cambridge Classical Commentary editions for Tacitus,
Lucan; Senecan tragedy, Penguin and Oxford World Classics
translations to be ordered; students who wish to acquire OCT's
should consult the instructor this fall about ordering independently
from the Oxford Press at a discount.