Collins Living Learning Center | Studio Practice
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This class will introduce students to basic woodcut techniques, the oldest and
most basic form of printmaking invented by the Chinese around 800AD.
Collograph is a more recent printmaking medium and the opposite of woodcut
wherein cardboard or plastic plates are built up with textures, glues, tapes,
etch to create a rich printing surface. Students will use both cardboard and
plastic matrixes to create collograph  prints in black and white and color. It is
totally low-tech and images can be created very quickly. Woodcut blocks and
collograph  plates can easily be combined to make mixed media combination

Franco Vecchiet, has a long standing reputation particularly in Northern Italy,
Austria, France and Eastern Europe where he continues to exhibit widely and
organize shows. For a number of years,  Franco organized and ran “Gallerie
Imaginaire,”- a portable gallery that exhibited Italian and Slovenian artists in
both countries, particularly artists books. Franco is familiar to many SoFa
students who have participated in the IU Summer Program in Printmaking and
Artists Books at the Scuola Internazionale di Grafica in Venice where he has
taught  our students since 2001 in collograph and has created a fond