Collins Living Learning Center | The Art of Meditation
L100 | 13252 | Doug Hanvey

In this course you will learn and practice mindfulness, the essential meditation
practice of Buddhism.  In addition to meditating, you will read, discuss and
write about several core concerns of Eastern philosophy, including the nature
of consciousness, reality, time, self, and the ultimate goal of spiritual
enlightenment.  We will broadly compare Eastern and Western approaches to
psychological and spiritual development, asking how Western traditions that
aim to strengthen the ego can be reconciled with Eastern traditions that aspire
to transcend it.  Note that this will not be an easy "activity" class (or in this case
a "non-activity class").  While we will meditate regularly and intensively, the
discussion component of this class will be equally emphasized.  In fact, you
may discover that meditation is more rigorous than you thought it would be,
and the philosophical ideas you will learn about may turn your world upside
down and inside out (which is also the fun of it).  You may be challenged at
the deepest levels of your being-intellectually, emotionally, spiritually,
perhaps even physically.  But as Noela Evans has said, "Challenge is a
dragon with a gift in its mouth.  Tame the dragon and the gift is yours."  An
understanding of the basic principles of psychology is helpful, but not
required.  Requirements will likely consist of participation, reading quizzes
and two papers.