Collins Living Learning Center | Writing Nature
L200 | 14263 | Neil Perry

What is this natural world around us?  How can we make sense of it, describe
it, apply it to ourselves?   These are the sorts of questions we, as human
beings, have been asking ourselves for thousands of years, and we have
attempted to answer them, in part, through creative writing.  This class will
explore nature writing not as a narrow genre, but as the writing of nature,
meaning how all breeds of authors write the natural world around them and
locate themselves within it.  Learning from these authors, students will turn to
their own work, writing over the course of the semester poems, stories, and
essays.  The course will approach nature through craft and craft through
nature (including trips to local and state parks), with the ultimate goal of
guiding students towards discovering their own creative place and home in
the natural world.