Collins Living Learning Center | Adaptation: Haunting the Cultural Imagination
L210 | 25206 | MIranda Yaggi

When we think of King Arthur, Frankenstein, or Bluebeard, images
immediately spring to mind: a sword in a stone, a bolt-necked monster, a
bloody key.  But where did these images come from?  Why do they have such
powerful resonance?  And, more importantly, why have such images, or
icons, remained in our cultural imagination for so long?  This course will take
an interdisciplinary approach to examining these three iconic adaptations
across a variety of mediums and genres and across multiple centuries to think
about historical, artistic, literary, religious, and cultural implications and strive
to understand why adaptation as a practice is important and why these
particular stories continue to live in our imagination.  We will do this by
looking at primary texts - at stories, poems, films, paintings, illustrations, etc. -
and by approaching the topic critically and imaginatively.