Collins Living Learning Center | Future in Film
L210 | 28553 | Trevor Blank

Over the past few years we have been treated to a wide range of utopian and
apocalyptic hyperbole, as well as a mind-numbing blitz of statistics,
extrapolations, and scenarios generated by seemingly sober think tanks,
government agencies, and highly-respected “experts.” Having survived 2000,
it is appropriate to take our own look at the future. Will the new millennium be
an age of abundance or scarcity, gee whiz gadgetry or ecological disaster?
How do we as ordinary citizens with an equal stake in the future sort out the
viable visions from the foolish fantasies? What sort of world will our children
and grandchildren be inheriting?  What should we be doing now to improve
the odds that their world will be better than ours? Nothing less than the
American Dream-our traditional but somewhat battered faith in human
progress-is at stake. To be sure, we can't know the future, but we can learn a
lot by looking at what other people have said about the future. By examining a
wide variety of scenarios we can attempt to choose the future that we want to
work towards today. If you're interested in futuristic film, utopian and dystopian
fiction, or creative writing, this is the course for you.